Offered under the brand name Kemstrene®, PMC Biogenix offers USP grade glycerin from an FDA validated process which ensures the highest standards of product quality, integrity and safety. Kemstrene® glycerin is derived wholly from natural, renewable sources and is available in 99.7% purity. Glycerin is a ubiquitous additive used in a wide variety of industrial, personal care, pharmaceutical and food applications.

Glycerin can be used as a compatibilizer and bonding agent in personal care formulations acting as both a solvent and thickener. Glycerin is a humectant which can improve the moisturizing, lubricating or appearance of a variety of formulations. Glycerin is also an effective lubricant for both industrial and personal care applications.

Glycerin is used extensively as a chemical intermediate in the production of polyester, polyurethane and alkyd resin formulations.

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